Thursday, January 7, 2010

Anak Baru Gede!

Assalamu'alaykum, ya akhi, ya ukhti!



*Drum rolls*

Jeng jeng jeng!

Here comes, US! Anak Baru Gede!

Ah, ah, ah, a, be, ge~
Prestasinya OK~
Ini dia eyy!

You must be wondering, what exactly ABEGE means?
No fear. It is not a sware word.
Stop! Don't open the dictionary!
Because you wouldn't find it. Hehe.
So what is it???
Calm down. Be patient.
A little bit patient. :D

A stands for Anak.
Be or B stands for Baru.
Ge or G stands for Gede.
So together, A-Be-Ge means Anak Baru Gede.

Now. What is "Anak Baru Gede"?
Anak Baru Gede is an Indonesian term for "teenager".
Yes. Teenagers.
So why the name?
We are teenagers!

Let us introduce ourselves.
We are five highly spirited young da'ies,
in a journey of discovering ourselves.
This is a story about us.
Fathimah the director.
Safiah the creative designer.
Hani the photographer.
Wan Hanan the word supplier.
Khadijah the author.

So, you've known us.
We are here to spread the word of the Prophet.
As he said to his ummah,
"Ballighu anni walau aayah!"
Tell them about me even if it is only one verse.
So, here we are.
Stay tuned!

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